“Complex business processes, Strict customer service compliance and real time monitoring are the key reasons to make the system Automate as desired. For these reasons, RELCON is an invaluable partner. Your design is compact & flexible, R&D having continuous enhancement and collaborated support can handle any field challenges. Your team is committed & just Reliable. It also drives SBEM to achieve new benchmarks as set time to time by RELCON.
I am sure that SBEM and RELCON will strengthen this association further in coming years.”
Vishwanath Karandikar
Vice President Sales
“I have a huge respect and proud of Relcon Systems as I have witnessed the giant growth from the ground!. Truly inspiring. Robust product design force, quality and delivery commitment and determination to make things happening is outstanding and overwhelming.I wish Mr. Ketan Manvar, Founder & CEO of Relcon Systems, a very best to keep it up and write a new chapter in the success story.”

Ashvin Navadia
co-founder & CEO, Vinrox Technologies LLP

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