Smart Fuel Monitoring System

1. Introduction

      1.1 General

The primary function of the retail automation system is to control, monitor, and record fueling transactions and deliver wet stock reconciliation in combination with ATG.

2. Solution Architecture

      2.1 System Components

The proposed RO [Retail Outlet] Automation system is being interfaced with dispensing units to control fueling operation. It also provides an online stock measurement of the product (fuels) available at the RO. It records the receipts using ATG system and manual entry of the product receipt data at the RO. Thus, it provides the means to monitor the overall operation and generate reports.

Based on the operational requirement of the RO automation system, it is divided in two parts:

      2.1.1 Forecourt Controller

Forecourt Controller unit, which provides the interface with the following devices and controls / monitors their operation. The interfaces are provided for:
  1. Dispensing Units through RF Master & Slave
  2. Auto Tank Gauging System
  3. Thermal printer [TP] or EDC/POS [Point of Sale]
  4. Head Office System [HOS]
  5. VSAT/4G 3G modem for HOS connectivity

      2.1.2 Back Office System

The Back Office system being provided by RELCON is known as “RELCON Smart Fuel”. It consists of three modules:

Forecourt Controller can work even when BOS is not communicating with FCC. FCC can store up to 60,000 transactions, alarms or events in data storage memory. When BOS comes online, FCC transfers all the data to BOS. If BOS is offline for durations where more than 60,000 transactions get accumulated on FCC, the FCC will overwrite the data on FIFO basis.

      2.2 System Architecture

      2.2.1 Forecourt Controller(FCC)

There will be one FCC per RO and will be mounted inside sales room. FCC works on embedded system and will be loaded with RELCON proprietary software for controlling various Forecourt devices. The FCC offers interfaces to various types of Forecourt devices with provision to enable and disable the forecourt devices through various back office application functions. FCC will communicate with Dispenser & Thermal printer [TP] on the Forecourt using RF Master & Slave wireless zigbee communication. ATGs through Barrier will communicate directly with FCC on serial communication. BOS with Ethernet capability can be seen on local Monitor [with KB Mouse] and MIS printer will communicate over TCP/IP. FCC will communicate with HOS through VSAT or 3G/4G connectivity.

      2.2.2 Back Office System (BOS):

RELCON Smart Fuel web based back office application will be installed on a desktop computer. BOS is located inside the sales office.

      2.2.3 Wireless Master & Slave:

FCC is equipped with RF master device with forecourt devices. It makes the hardware interface between the FCC HW and port communication line.

At DU island, RF Slave has been mounted on TP. All electronics and power supply inside this Slave terminal is designed at 1.2 meter above the DU base level and therefore are located in safe zone.

      2.2.4 POS / EDC machine:

Android based smart Point of Sale (POS) or EDC machine is directly interfaced with RF Slave and subsequently to Forecourt Controller. Basically, this machine is for payment & receipt terminal. Each EDC will consist of the following components:

In case of No Print No Delivery (NPND), only the latest transaction will be displayed for print out. NPND functionality shall be configurable for each dispenser.

      2.2.5 Modem cum Router:

A communication link needs to be established from RO to HOS for data transfer on real time basis based on the various functionalities.

Modem Cum router may be of VSAT or 4G with SIM being provided and available in the Sales Room.

      2.2.6 Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG):

There will be one ATG probe per tank [either MS (Petrol) or HSD (Diesel)] which simultaneously supports level [Product & Water] and temperature measurement.

ATG barrier will be interfaced with FCC. ATG barrier mounted near FCC at sales room [non hazardous area]. Conduit for ATG cable is separate and no other supply line is passing through the same conduit.

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